Solar Power in Cheltenham

If you’ve been thinking about solar energy for your home or business, now is the perfect time to get started.

You can still get Victorian Government rebates to install solar power, and the team at Solahart Melbourne is here to guide you from start to finish. With more than 65 years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering personalised solutions that make the switch to solar simple!

Why Cheltenham Locals Are Choosing Solar Power

Most people know that solar power is a more environmentally friendly solution, but that’s not its only benefit. By producing your own energy, you are also gaining more energy security and independence, which is becoming more and more important in the current market.

Of course, there are also all the financial benefits. Solar power is more energy-efficient, which means it will cost you less to power your home. You can also get rebates from the government when you install solar, and solar panels could be the selling point that boosts the price of your property at sale time.

Why You Should Choose Solahart for Your Solar Power in Cheltenham

Don’t just choose any solar energy provider. To ensure you get a great deal on the right system for your needs, partner with Solahart Melbourne.

We are Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers and Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers. Solahart Melbourne delivers tailored solutions of the highest quality, with every product tested to perform in Australian conditions.

When you choose us for solar power in Cheltenham, you get the peace of mind that comes with great product warranties and more than 4000 glowing 5-star reviews!

Unrivalled Solar Hot Water Solutions for Cheltenham Locals!

Looking for more energy-efficient hot water solutions? Don’t put up with expensive and inefficient gas and electric hot water. Choose solar hot water in Cheltenham from Solahart Melbourne and start saving today.

We can recommend and install solar panels and solar water heaters for your home. We also offer the Solahart Atmos Heat Pump, which is perfect for properties that don’t have the space for solar panels.

To learn more about solar hot water in Cheltenham and all our solar power solutions, call us today. From battery storage to system selection to installation, we do it all. Phone 1300 362 821!

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