Solar Hot Water Systems in Melbourne

Want To Save on Your Water Heating System? Choose Solar Hot Water in Melbourne!

At Solahart Melbourne, we deliver innovative water heater solutions that fit the precise needs of your home. We are passionate about developing solar technology solutions that support and encourage the use of clean energy and enable you to make your home environmentally friendly. If you are looking for solar hot water in Melbourne, we have the right solutions for you. Future-proof the energy needs of your home with Solahart!

Conventional gas or electric water heaters are significant contributors to your energy use and household costs. Using energy from the sun to heat water is an effective way to use Australia’s ample sunshine, providing you with cost-effective and reliable hot water. With solar hot water, you can save energy and money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar water heating is a simple and efficient process. Energy is captured from the sun and used to heat the water supply in your home. As an authorised Solahart dealer, our team is proud to offer you excellent solar hot water in Melbourne. You can choose between efficient roof-mounted tanks or slimline split systems to minimise the visual impact on your home.

If traditional solar hot water systems are unsuitable for your home, we can offer you the Solahart Atmos Heat Pump. This energy-efficient water heater is a smart renewable energy solution that replaces your gas or electric water heater. It works much like a reverse cycle air-conditioner in that the surrounding air is the heat source rather than the sun.

Solahart Atmos Heat Pumps provide reliable hot water for your family and are suitable for residential applications where you require energy-efficient hot water without the need for roof space.

The Benefits of Solar Hot Water in Melbourne

  • Solar water heaters provide a continuous supply of hot water throughout the year
  • They are a rewarding investment and allow you to save on your energy bills
  • By making use of a green and renewable heating system, you can lower your carbon dioxide emissions.


If you have excess PV, then the latest innovation from Solahart might be just what you need. Introducing Solahart PowerStore®; Australia’s first solar-smart electric water heater.

Solahart PowerStore works in conjunction with your solar power system and a power meter. It captures excess solar energy and turns it into hot water, rather than allowing it to be sent back to the grid. Like a battery, it stores energy – but it’s more affordable. And because a Solahart PowerStore system minimises the amount of power you draw from the grid, it is also designed to reduce your household energy bills.

Wondering if solar hot water panels are right for your home?

As expert installers, we will be happy to assist you every step of the way with solar hot water in Melbourne. We will walk you through all the options for your home, ensuring you get the right solution. Our heating systems are known for their efficiency, durability and reliability. Get in touch with us to learn more about how solar water systems can benefit your home.

Roof Top Solar Hot Water Systems

L Series

Our most popular system, designed to provide economical service in medium to high solar gain areas.

L Series roof mACounted solar hot water system from Solahart Melbourne

SP Series

Frost protected system, designed for use in medium to high solar gain areas.

SP Series roof mounted solar hot water system from Solahart Melbourne

LSCD Series

Mid-range model
for use in low to medium solar
gain areas.

LCS Series roof mounted solar hot water system from Solahart Melbourne

CS13C Series

Higher efficiency for use in low to medium solar gain areas.

LCS Series roof mounted solar hot water system from Solahart Melbourne

52D Series

Entry level model for
high solar gain areas.

Rheem 52D Series roof mounted solar hot water system from Solahart Melbourne

52C Series

Entry level frost protected model for high solar gain areas.

Rheem 52C Series roof mounted solar hot water system from Solahart Melbourne

Split System Solar Hot Water Systems

MLV Series

Split system solar for areas of medium to high solar gain.

MCS07V Series

Split system solar for areas of low to medium solar gain.

Premier Loline

Split solar system designed for cooler climates and all weather conditions.

Cool climate split system solar hot system by Solahart - roof mounted solar panels combined with tank mounted on the ground for minimal visual impact.

Solar-Ready Hot Water Systems

Streamline Solar-Ready Water Heater

Emergency Hot Water Replacement + 10-Year Tank Warranty

Solahart Streamline Solar Ready Hot Water Heater with 320 litre tank capacity for sale

Heat Pumps

Solahart Atmos

Energy efficient heat pump with a low side mounted heat pump module.

Solahart Atmos heat pump - exclusive to Solahart


Energy efficient heat pump designed and built to be frost tolerant.

Solahart Atmos-Frost Heat Pump for sale and installation

Pool Heat Pumps

Large residential heat pumps
for pool heating

Pool heating from Solahart

Solahart Powerstore

Solahart PowerStore

World leading smart technology developed, designed and built in Australia.

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Solahart pioneered the use of solar energy in Australia, beginning with a copper tank in 1953.

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